Opening the Closet Door.

So I have this friend. I lovingly refer to him as “Faggot”. He’s not sure he’s a faggot because he does like to eat cum out of a women after she gets fucked. Maybe he’s Bi.. but I think he’s pretty much gay. He has a really small dick so his chance of ever being in a relationship with a girl is kinda nil.

Lately I’ve been encouraging him to come out of the closet and become a full time homo. He rushes home from work every night and dives head first into his panty drawer and dresses up in panties and lacy tights and spends a good part of the evening with a big black dildo shoved up his ass.  He’s also been going for pedicures on the weekends. On my to do list is finding a tranny to fuck him. Not sure if he’s really ready for that yet. But I think the band aid needs to be ripped off his butt virginity.

So here’s the thing. I’m really the only one he confides in about his gayness. To the naked eye, he’s a manly man. Jeep driving, gun toting, military MAN. I think people would really be amazed and shocked to find out that he’s a closet fag. The thought of his secret coming out scares him so much that he refuses to even friend me on facebook because he’s worried I’ll out him. This hurts me.

Ironically. He’s totally Googleable, due to his line of work. In certain circles he may even be considered semi-famous. I’ve been taking “hush money” to keep his secret for a while now. Last night I informed him that he needs to pay me $100.00 for every week he doesn’t friend me on facebook. I think that’s fair.. But I’m not sure that keeping his secret is really doing him any favors. I think he would lead a much more authentic life if only he could be his gay self full time. Wear his panties proudly!

In the whole scheme of things $100 bucks isn’t a lot of money.. So my quandary is.. do I up the ante and destroy his wallet until he begs me to throw his closet door open? In other words, let it be his choice? Or do I start tweeting his name on twitter and my blog to the world which will undoubtedly lead to him being outed “eventually”. He’s my friend. I wanna do the right thing.

Valentines Day

If your confused.. it’s a great day to spoil your princess.

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It’s time for my band of Benjamins to put their money where their mouths are. Due to recent weather, there has been some damage done to my beautiful abode. Lucky for me I have insurance. Fortunately for you I have a deductible. What a wonderful opportunity for you to prove your love and devotion then by allowing you to take care of my problem for me! I could certainly pick one of you and allow you to pay the whole thing… but I want to see how many of you are truly willing to give when I need you to! So, I’m going to divide the cost amongst you. We’ll see which of you are worthy. This should prove interesting!



Good News For Non Losers!

I have decided that I’m too good to devote all of my time and attention to LOSERS. It’s really not fair to real men. I think they should have the opportunity to talk to me too. So I’ve set up a listing just for them. I’m really looking forward to playing with someone who doesn’t sound like a whimpering little bitch!

Don’t worry LOSERS, BENJAMINS and SISSYS I still have plenty of listings for your pathetic asses. But this one is for MEN.

This listing hasn’t been approved yet, but you can still call by clicking on the button below. Or by calling me at
1-800-TO-FLIRT Extension 9652363
Call Button


I Need A Man – No, Not A Loser.. A Man.

Recently it has occurred to me that I have been neglecting my own needs. I spend so much of my time wrapped up in Benjamin training that I completely lose site of my own sexuality. Let’s face it, it’s no big shock that talking to losers all the time does very little to turn me on.. As entertaining as they are… yanno… they’re losers.

Sometimes what a girl needs is a man. A real man. A hot sexy man to whisper all of the right words and to touch her in all of the right places. I’ve been neglecting those men. I’m considering making a NiteFlirt listing that will cater to those men.

Yes, I’m afraid that the occasional LOSER will try and sneak a call. I catch on pretty quickly and can spot one a mile a way. And I do know how to deal with a LOSER so they can try and fool me at their own risk.


I’ll update when my new listing is up :)


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