Keep It Clean!

Today a sissy friend and I were discussing his “pussy”.  Since having his own pussy one day is something that he dreams about, I decided that it’s time that he realizes that having a pussy is a responsibility that he needs to be sure that he can handle. So I have given him instructions on proper pussy maintenance … I instructed him to go to the store and purchase the product to the left and begin using it on a regular basis.  After all, the only thing worse than an imaginary pussy… Is a stinky imaginary pussy!

So.. Here’s The Problem

So the problem is that my TV takes up way too much room on my dresser. I have to keep the mirror on the floor and this is annoying me. The solution is a new flat screen TV that I can hang on the wall. You can solve this problem by going to my wishlist and buying me one! Gift cards are also acceptable :)

My Newest Homo

Michael Ruben from Florida needs a GAY lover.

Valentines Day

If your confused.. it’s a great day to spoil your princess.

WISH LIST <— gift cards make me VERY happy.


It’s time for my band of Benjamins to put their money where their mouths are. Due to recent weather, there has been some damage done to my beautiful abode. Lucky for me I have insurance. Fortunately for you I have a deductible. What a wonderful opportunity for you to prove your love and devotion then by allowing you to take care of my problem for me! I could certainly pick one of you and allow you to pay the whole thing… but I want to see how many of you are truly willing to give when I need you to! So, I’m going to divide the cost amongst you. We’ll see which of you are worthy. This should prove interesting!




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