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Good News For Non Losers!

I have decided that I’m too good to devote all of my time and attention to LOSERS. It’s really not fair to real men. I think they should have the opportunity to talk to me too. So I’ve set up a listing just for them. I’m really looking forward to playing with someone who doesn’t sound like a whimpering little bitch!

Don’t worry LOSERS, BENJAMINS and SISSYS I still have plenty of listings for your pathetic asses. But this one is for MEN.

This listing hasn’t been approved yet, but you can still call by clicking on the button below. Or by calling me at
1-800-TO-FLIRT Extension 9652363
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I Need A Man – No, Not A Loser.. A Man.

Recently it has occurred to me that I have been neglecting my own needs. I spend so much of my time wrapped up in Benjamin training that I completely lose site of my own sexuality. Let’s face it, it’s no big shock that talking to losers all the time does very little to turn me on.. As entertaining as they are… yanno… they’re losers.

Sometimes what a girl needs is a man. A real man. A hot sexy man to whisper all of the right words and to touch her in all of the right places. I’ve been neglecting those men. I’m considering making a NiteFlirt listing that will cater to those men.

Yes, I’m afraid that the occasional LOSER will try and sneak a call. I catch on pretty quickly and can spot one a mile a way. And I do know how to deal with a LOSER so they can try and fool me at their own risk.


I’ll update when my new listing is up :)


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