Very Strange Caller.

I have a caller who calls me and the conversation is always the same… He tells me that he’s looking at the pics of my cock sucking fluffer Benjamin on my blog. I can hear him violently jerking away at his fag stick while telling me how he’d love to be my fluffer. I can tell he’s thinking about a big hunk of man meat pumping in and out of his own mouth while looking at my lovely Benjamin sucking cock in the pics. You can just hear the ENVY in his voice.. Then he cums.. usually pretty quickly. And all of a sudden he gets all indignant, DEMANDING that I take my prized Benjamin fluffer pics off of my blog because he finds them disgusting! Then he slams the phone down as if he’s an old lady who just received an obscene phone call. I half expect him to blow a rape whistle into the phone to teach me a lesson! There needs to me a name, a term for such a beast. Half-Homo? Denial-Fag? Fear-Queer?

At any rate.. The truth is that his mouth waters at the prospect of being my sperm slurping fluffer bitch. He knows it. I know it.. HIS COCK KNOWS IT!

So.. For this closeted homos viewing pleasures.. I post another pic of my BEAUTIFUL SAUSAGE SUCKING BENJAMIN.


A Princess Needs A Fluffer

I am a princess and princesses do not suck cock. Benjamins are for, among other things, making a large cock ready for his princess.

Fluffers always need practice – If your in the Tampa area… My Fluffer is always looking for practice! 727 288 3339


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