Be A Benjamin!

What’s a Benjamin you ask? It’s simple.. A Benjamin is what I call the men or losers ( as the case may be ) who treat me like the princess I am. It’s a name of honor. In honor of my favorite Benjamin.

Isn’t he sexy?

A Benjamin is someone who cares about MY NEEDS.

The GENTLEMEN BENJAMIN - He could be a sexy, delightful man that I find interesting and worthy of my time. He knows that a lady deserves to be pampered and lavished with gifts and flattery. He finds great pleasure in taking care of my needs. He’s rare… He doesn’t fall into the category of LOSER .. He is a gentlemen. He’s generous but not a sucker. He gives because he wants to. He is my favorite. I will call him by his real name. He deserves to stand out to me… and he does.

SPECIALTY BENJAMINS - These Benjamins stand out for one reason or another. Maybe they don’t have a lot to give, but they give what they can. They entertain me, or show their devotion in ways that make me happy. I recognize them when they call. I don’t roll my eyes and feel the urge to vomit when I hear their voices.

A LOSER BENJAMIN -¬† is sort of a jackass. He has to be coaxed, manipulated and forced into giving. He would be perfectly happy to just call me.. Jerk off while I listen in disgust and then hang up without as much as a “Thank you.” He can’t hold a normal conversation because he’s so obsessed with yanking on his junk. He knows that he is not worthy of a women like me. He’s not even worthy of a women 10 classes below me. I will only call him “Benjamin” because the only thing I will remember about him is the money that I rack up from listening to him moan and pant and grunt as I watch my bank account grow. I won’t remember him the next time he calls. He’s worthless and he knows it.

So YES! You can be a Benjamin. It’s up to you what kind of Benjamin you will be!

2 Responses to Be A Benjamin!

  • Rick says:

    I read Your post and i am a looser benjamin. I am too shy to have a normal conversation.

  • admin says:

    all Loser Benjamins are unable to hold a normal conversation. It’s not because their shy, it’s because they are losers with nothing to talk about except for their cocks.

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