Like My Dress?

Have a look and see if you like it better as I take it off!





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Keep It Clean!

Today a sissy friend and I were discussing his “pussy”.¬† Since having his own pussy one day is something that he dreams about, I decided that it’s time that he realizes that having a pussy is a responsibility that he needs to be sure that he can handle. So I have given him instructions on proper pussy maintenance … I instructed him to go to the store and purchase the product to the left and begin using it on a regular basis.¬† After all, the only thing worse than an imaginary pussy… Is a stinky imaginary pussy!

So.. Here’s The Problem

So the problem is that my TV takes up way too much room on my dresser. I have to keep the mirror on the floor and this is annoying me. The solution is a new flat screen TV that I can hang on the wall. You can solve this problem by going to my wishlist and buying me one! Gift cards are also acceptable :)


My Newest Homo

Michael Ruben from Florida needs a GAY lover.


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